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The American Basketball Association (ABA) announced that it has signed a multi-faceted agreement with CroxxOver,  an established manufacturer of some of the world’s famous brands and involved in various industries including high end fashion, sporting goods and transportation since 2016.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our new partner,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman, “CroxxOver is primed to make a major impact in North America with a unique blend of style and technology bringing top notch quality and supreme performance.”

CroxxOver will become the Official Uniform and Apparel Supplier for the ABA as well as introducing an all new red, white and blue basketball replacing Spalding as the official ball.

In addition, CroxxOver will introduce a new line of team buses at the ABA League Meeting in Indianapolis on July 21.

“CroxxOver is also passionate about community outreach and the underserved in our community,” added David Williams, Vice President of Business Operations and Marketing for CroxxOver Inc. “With over 15 years of charity works, CroxxOver’s holiday and community programs will be launching in the USA this year. We are proud to be associated with the ABA which places so much emphasis on community and improving the quality of lives of citizens.  A perfect partnership.”